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Winegrower's Champagne in Mareuil-sur-Äy

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We elaborate Champagne wines in our own way, by doing what we think to be right.

Our convictions are forged by the special attention payed to the
winegrowing landscapes and moderate experimentation, without dogma
or direction.

We are patiently and confidently moving forward with regard
to our crafted vines and wines, driven by the determination
to achieve precision at all levels of production.

Year after year, we as winegrowers keep to a clear and straight path,
in view of elaborating silky and ethereal wines, reflecting our freedom of choice.
It is in this spirit that we share our Champagnes through a refined art
of living shaped by generosity, conductive to interactions pulsated with a certain elation.

a path

Entertaining, moving, social and festive – our Champagnes have a taste for life.
They are as much the result of know-how as of history.

Our convictions
Travail de la vigne
Nos Champagnes

From parcels to terroirs:
meet our champagnes

Each of our champagnes has its own individual personality. Each one is the fruit of painstaking, meticulous work. Each one has been made to be shared, in the same spirit of sharing that animates us at the Domaine.

Our Champagnes


Daily life at the Domaine:
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