Independent growers
from father to son at
Mareuil-sur-Aÿ since 1947

My grandfather, Roger, founded Champagne R. Pouillon in 1947, and my father James did an incredible job of developing the Domaine.

Now I am proud to carry this responsibility in my turn, proud of this mark left in the earth, proud to be able to create wines in my own image and share them with people that love them.

Grand père

A fabulous space for expression

40 parcels of vines, each with their own very definite characters, dispersed over seven hectares of the finest terroirs in Champagne: Ay Grand Cru, Mareuil-sur-Ay, Mutigny, Epernay…

The greatest wines
are formed
in the vineyard.

  • Regular tilling, preservation of parcel ecosystems, use of natural farm compost. We believe that living wines can only come from living soils.
  • Respect for the vines’ biological rhythms, short pruning, restricted yields. We believe that the grapes should concentrate a maximum of the mineral elements of the terroir.
  • Hand-picking into small crates, waiting until the grapes have achieved full aromatic maturity. We believe that there is a key moment when all the mineral elements, the building blocks of aromas, have transited from the terroir to the grapes.
Travail de la vigne

Tango’s slow and steady pace allows the soils to be tilled perfectly, even on the steepest of slopes.

We press our grapes
the time-honored way

All our grapes are pressed in our traditional wooden press, in small batch quantities that are unique to the Pouillon family, in order to respect the structure, the anatomy, of each grape.

The three stages
of a pressed grape

Un raisin pressé en 3 étapes
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The choice of parcel selection
for our champagnes

Each of our 40 vine parcels is unique.
Each one is vinified separately to give focus
to the origin of each grape.


We intervene in the winemaking process as little as possible.
Fermentation is induced by native yeasts that are
naturally present on the clusters.
A second, malolactic, fermentation brings suppleness
and complexity to our wines.

Our champagnes
are aged impeccably

Oak barrels, terracotta, concret or enamel-lined vats:
we adapt our maturing methods to each
terroir to attain their best expression and confer
structure and complexity on our champagnes.

It is at a depth of 15 meters, within the cool tranquility of our cellars, that our champagnes acquire all their aromatic intricacy.