Tracing a path
to freedom


Our wines result from expertise and a story

Making wine is all my life. My father and grandfather passed on the spirit of working hard, an attachment to the land, pride in my work, strong drive and the desire to improve. In sum, an ethic without value judgment. My own choices were never made against them, but rather thanks to them. I have of course inherited expertise, but also life skills: both have shaped my work as a winemaker.

I have become a genuine craftsman, because my father and my grandfather allowed me to believe in what I was doing. But I have not remained in the past, preferring to nourish myself with its spiritual roots.

L’authenticité est le socle de notre métier, la sincérité en est le coeur

Founded on authenticity and bursting with sincerity

I received authenticity from my grandfather and father. By listening and working with them, and by copying their gestures, I have inherited the family memory. It accompanies me from the vineyard to the cellar, in everything that we do. But as we want to produce wines with their own special singularity, we cannot limit ourselves to authenticity. For if our wines are authentic, our sincerity, marked by a quest for meaning, is their signature. We shape our future by questioning first and foremost our past. Moving and shaking have not just been the result of a set of circumstances, but also our way of putting our story into perspective without treason or arrogance.

Raconter, émouvoir, réunir, célébrer… nos champagnes ont le goût de la vie

Entertaining, moving, social and festive – our Champagnes have a taste for life

At the end of this chain of values, we only have a single expectation: that our wares deliver their promise with regard to our vision of conviviality: simple, attentive and joyful. Last but not least, what about all the anonymous consumers – connoisseurs or wine lovers – for whom our Champagnes guarantee a moment of friendship, an exciting discovery, or just a spell in our company.

There are plenty of opportunities for encounters such as the celebration in autumn when the harvest ends at the estate; our vineyard’s collective event – Le Printemps des Champagnes – organized in collaboration with the association Terres & Vins de Champagne; our presence at Champagne Experience in Italy and the Champagne festival in New-York; not to mention dinners with Michelin starred chefs in Reims, Paris, Sydney or Oslo.